Hello. I'm Tom Sweeney.

I am a designer, developer and educator living in the UK.

I have been building things and teaching what I have learned for over 20 years.

Things I am currently working on


University of Nottingham 2017

DeMontfort University 2009

University of Sunderland 2008

Stephenson College 2007

Glasgow College 2001

Paisley College 1997

Recent Experience

Self Employed 2015 Present

University of Nottingham 2015 2018

University of Nottingham 2015 2018

LSRI/School of Education, UON 2016

Central College, Nottinghamspan 2012 2013

LSRI & Sharp Labs, Oxford 2009 2013

University of Nottingham 2009 2011

Get in touch

--> You can email me at tommy@tomsweeney.dev if you prefer.